about us

Manutouch is an emerging supplier and distributor of fuel based in Johannesburg, South Africa. The company is founded on the principles of excellence and team work. We are a 100% black owned entity, 60% of which is owned by a woman, thus placing us on a Level 1 BEE status.

The company exists to not only create job opportunities, contribute to industry growth and create wealth, but also to address the gap for excellent and transparent quality services in the industry.

Driven by passion and high focus on quality service, our management team commits to being the leading partner in the South African Petroleum distribution sector. In pursuit of operational and service excellence, our mission is to offer cost and service efficiencies to customers.

We realize the importance of keeping up with industry trends through continuous research & skilling, therefore we commit to investing resources, so that we not only become and remain industry leaders, but allow innovation to be at the helm of our operations.